There are a few subjects I will be covering.

There's this priest from my hometown, his name is Fr. Connaughton. A few years before I left Longford, there was a stir because he suddenly started driving around in a fancy new Toyota Celica sportscar, complete with DVD player (that was a big deal at the time). I now hear that since then he has purchased first a Mercedes Benz SLK Kompressor and, as of 2007, a brand new Mercedes Benz E-Class. I take it then that although this has been going on for years, the Catholic Church still hasn't done anything about it. Even a cursory glance at the Bible would be enough to show that this is hypocrisy at an amazing level. Fucking religion.

On a more speculative note, rumour has it that the reason he's able to afford these cars is that he frequently takes to visiting certain ladies in nursing homes before they die, at which point the lady's family discovers that her house has not been left to them or their children, but to Fr. Connaughton.

I'm currently really looking forward to seeing the film 300. It ties in well with my recent facination with Ancient Greek stuff, and specifically, Sparta.
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Quick update

Saw Pearl Jam last night and met Jeff and Boom afterwards and it was the greatest thing ever and this is the best year of music in my life so far and Summer's been nice and chilled out.
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Everything fucking kicks ass! Seriously! What's going on?! Ahhh! I'm so fucking happy!

[EDIT] That was a few hours ago. Now I want to kill someone. Anyone. But preferaly the fuckers who run the Pearl Jam fan club.
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What I did yesterday

Yesterday evening, I paid £610 for two tickets to see Pearl Jam in the Astoria, London on the twentieth of this month. This will, of course, be the greatest gig of my entire life.

Doors open at 6:30pm. NO SUPPORT ACT.
Do the maths.
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Ok, not going to Alaska. Because we Irish can't control ourselves when it comes to drinking, apparently, and I'm not over the legal age for your ridiculous country.
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